CompliCheck is the one stop solution for compliance automation needs. Our Solution offers:

  • Exhaustive Compliance Checklist
  • Statutory Compliance Calendar
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Compliance Document Repository
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Free Edition Available
  • Pay As You Go
  • Management Reporting Dashboard
  • Compliance Knowledge Base Included

Statutory Compliance Repository

We have an exhaustive checklist of statutory compliances categorized based on priority, activity type legislations, location and industry domains. Our staturory compliance Library is maintained by our knowledge partners having decades of experience handing compliances of large number of organizations. CompliCheck also allows you to add your own compliance in the your personal compliance repository. We cover all major legislations under which the companies are required to comply with the statutory responsibilities.

HR & Labour Laws

There are over 40+ labour laws with several hundred statutory compliance tasks required to be performed. We have studied, sorted & extracted all relevant compliance responsibilities and updated our repository. Our checklist is up to date with all the relevant compliances. CompliCheck allows you to further customize this list based on your preference.

Taxation, Secretarial and Finance

With GST coming up, CompliCheck team is busy building the checklist of compliance task as per the upcoming GST. We have partnered with the top Chartered Accounting and Company Secretary firms to keep the compliance checklist up to date. CompliCheck also covers the compliances under companies Act, Income tax act & the checklist is constantly been updated and upgraded as per the Indian laws.

Categorization of Compliance Responsibilities

In CompliCheck, we categorize the compliace tasks based on the activities that need to be performed. Our Compliance repository is managed based on these categories:
  • Statutory Returns/Filings
  • Statutory Payments/Remittance
  • License & Registrations
  • Statutory Records & Registers
  • Procedural Guidelines