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Complicheck is a next generation compliance software that helps you track and monitor regulatory and statutory compliance

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Why Use CompliCheck

CompliCheck is a compliance tracking tool that allows you to stay on top of your compliances by tracking and monitoring the completion status. It is an innovative tool that combines the best brains behind compliance industry, latest technology and experienced product design team into one solution for all corporates across industries. CompliCheck allows to you pick from our suggested compliances and give you flexibility of customizing the same as per your requirements.

Compliance Reminder System

Our reminder system will continue to remind you until you have completed the compliances in the system. This will ensure that you do not forget the compliances. Even if you do, we send emails to the senior management in a report format letting them know if there has been a slip up.

Labour Law Compliance Checklist

CompliCheck has a built-in Checklist of various compliance needed under various Labour Laws

Finance & Companies Act Checklist

CompliCheck offers an extensive list of Compliance tasks under Companies Act & Income Tax Act

Compliance Advisory & Audit

While you can use CompliCheck to track your compliance, our team is there to help you with any query, form or format. Our specialists can audit your Compliance and advise how to reduce non-compliance risks. From providing you with the online assistance to executing the compliance tasks we can help you with all your compliance needs

Complete Solution at Affordable Price

From providing a compliance tracking solution to outsourcing your compliance we can offer tailor made solution as per your budget and requirements. If you have the internal expertise, you can use our compliance tracking tool to monitor the status and store your compliance evidence online. If you don't have the resources and bandwidth to internally manage your compliance, let us take care of it and you can monitor the compliance status using our graphical dashboards

There are over 40+ labour laws in India in addition to hundreds of other laws. The applicability of these statutory laws vary based on the industry domain and location spread.
From tracking compliance using our tool to completely outsourcing compliance, CompliCheck can be tailored as your business requirements.
CompliCheck offers you the ability to track all your compliances including HR, labour laws & other related compliances required to be followed by your organization.

Ignorance is not an excuse. Non-Compliance carry hefty fines and even jail term for directors & top management. Protect your business and start using CompliCheck today!

A quick tour of how to use CompliCheck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, All compliances that are generated by CompliCheck can be modified. You can include or exclude the compliances that you wish to change. Once excluded the compliances will no longer be available on your compliance calendar. You can however view the list of compliances that were excluded and reinclude those if you wish. Similarly if you find any compliance that you do not see, you can add those manually and set up the reminder and due date. Compliance inclusion report will show these compliances were added by you manually.
Yes. Our task reminder system will send you regular email for all compliances that are not updated as completed in the system. You may opt for SMS alerts, by default all alerts are given on email and reminders on the dashboard once you login to the tool.
You can add locations and we will build suggested compliances for each location. You may create additional users and map locations to the individual users. CompliCheck will display the data relevant to the location that you have added. In case you shut down a location you can deactivate the location.
To register you can click on Get Started and fill in your details. We will get in touch with you and will map your business requirements to offer the most appropriate solution for you. You can also drop us an email, call us or chat with us and we will help you get registered instantly.
One of the key feature that we have been working on over the years is to come up with most relevant compliances based on the type of company, location and employee head count. We have the list of all the statutory acts and related compliances in our database which we filter out based on the inputs and suggest you the most relavant compliances that are mandatory. You can however manage the list by excluding the compliances suggested and adding compliances of your own choices.
Yes. We have a number of services that we offer including helping you get on boarded quickly. Our experts will help you identify most appropriate compliance as per your industry vertical and your geographical locations. If you want we can even help audit your compliance on monthly basis and make sure that you do not miss out on any crucial compliance task.

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