Compliance Challenges

  • XToo Many Compliances
  • XLack of Clarity
  • XHeavy penalties for non-compliance
  • XEvidence availability during Audit
  • XLack of Visiblity

Challenge - Too many compliances

There are way too many statutory compliances that companies need to follow. There are state compliances, central compliances, regulatory, related to HR, Accounts, legal, building/environment law, IT & list goes on. Under each law there are many statutory compliances some of which are critical some that are trivial. There is no knowledge base that has all the accurate information.

CompliCheck - Simplifying Statutory Compliances

Simply enter your organization details and on a click of a button get your statutory compliance calendar with the most appropriate statutory compliances applicable to your industry. You can always use the assistance of our knowledge & service partners if you have difficulty understanding relevance of a particular compliance.

Challenge - Heavy Penalties for non-compliance

With so many compliances to be done, one slight mistake due to ignorance or one careless mistake can lead to heavy penalties. In some cases there are even penal provisions for non-compliance.

CompliCheck - Compliance Reminder System

CompliCheck's built-in statutory compliance reminder system will remind you of all your upcoming and overdue compliance so you don't have to worry about missing out on your statutory compliance responsibilities and hence safe from potential penalties.

Challenge - Evidence of Compliance

So much paperwork is involved in compliance that it is not feasible to get the evidence of all your compliance records during a statutory audit. This amounts to non-compliance in the eyes of the authorities.

CompliCheck - Online Document Storage

All the statutory compliance records that need documentory evidence can be stored in CompliCheck document system. During audit simply retrieve electronic copies of evidence on a click of a button.

Challenge - Lack of Visibility

Top Management is typically busy running the strategic functions of their companies leaving the compliance responsibility for their operational staff to manage. There is hardly any visibiity as to whether the compliances are actually being done unless it is highlighted during an audit by then it becomes too little too late.

CompliCheck - Management Dashboard

After getting CompliCheck, Top Management can relax as the built-in dashboards and alert mechanism will highlight slippages if any in compliance fulfilment. The same can then be handled and addressed before it becomes too difficult or too expensive.