Labour Reforms

Labour Reforms – Key Demands of the Trade Unions

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One of the major hurdles facing labour reforms initiative is the resistance from the trade unions. Here are the list of their demands: Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation

Labour Reforms

Labour Law Reforms – What Every CEO Must Know

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After GST rollout, Labour reforms is the next big initiative that the Government of India is planning to adopt. Labour laws in its current state are not business friendly. Once


Complying with Indian Labour Laws

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There are over 40 central labour laws with some state specific riders. The provisions of these laws mandate different types of activities including maintaining & submissions of various documents and

Labour Reforms

Labour Reforms

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Latest Labour Reforms initiatives   Under the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan Yojana (PMRPY), government will reimburse employers 8.33% of Employer’s Pension Scheme contribution for new employment and 3.67% employer’s EPF

Model Shops and Establishment

Model Shops and Establishment Bill 2016

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Model Shops & Establishment Bill, 2016 The model law provides for exemption of highly skilled workers (for example workers employed in I.T., Bio-Tech and R&D) from, daily working hours of 9