Cash Starved? Save that 2000 Rupee Note

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Cash was once most preferred mode of payment in India. Be it a large real estate transaction or small tea stall vendor, everyone preferred cash. With demonetization over 86% of


Modi Stun Gun: Next Bullet After Demonetization?

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The aggression with which PM Modi announced and then implemented Demonetization stunned the entire nation. In spite of facing opposition and implementation challenges, he decided to power through and innovate to


Brace for Modi Storm in 2017 – GST & Labour Reforms

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Beginning of 2017 the last major leg of assembly elections will be over. There are two possible outcomes and in either case brace for major reforms. A win in this


Demonetization & Modi Effect on Compliance

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On November 8th 2016 at 8 in the evening PM Modi made an announcement that has potential to change the way the country operates. Jury is still out whether the

Labour Reforms

Labour Reforms – Key Demands of the Trade Unions

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One of the major hurdles facing labour reforms initiative is the resistance from the trade unions. Here are the list of their demands: Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation


The History of Labour Laws in India

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The History of Labour Laws in India dates back to Pre-Independence British Era as these Labour and Industrial Laws were enacted by British Administration to protect interests of British Employers

The Factories Act, 1948

Factories Act Simplified

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The main objective of Factories Act is to ensure proper safety measures are in place, to promote the health and welfare of the workers in a factory, and to prevent


Shop And Establishment Act Simplified

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The Shop and Establishment Act is a state Legislation under which each state has to frame its own rules. The main objective of this Act is to cover working hours


History of Labour Laws

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Labour Laws are drafted to handle the demands of workers for better working condition, the right to organize and the demands of employers to restrict the powers of workers and


SHWW, 2013 – The Most Ignored Compliance

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Companies have a tendency to comply with those regulations where the consequences of non-compliance are heavy and enforcement more likely. This why the companies tend to ignore  compliance where they