Model Shops and Establishment Bill 2016

Model Shops and Establishment

Posted by on August 15, 2016

Model Shops & Establishment Bill, 2016

The model law provides for exemption of highly skilled workers (for example workers employed in I.T., Bio-Tech and R&D) from, daily working hours of 9 hrs and weekly working hrs of 48 hrs subject to maximum 125 over-time hrs in a quarter. This flexibility will enable the establishment to better services to their clients who cater to international customers especially in the IT sector.

Some of the key features of the bill:

  • It will cover only establishments employing ten or more workers except manufacturing units
  • The Bill provides for freedom to operate 365 days in a year and opening/closing time of establishment
  • Women to be permitted during night shift, if the provision of shelter, rest room ladies toilet, adequate protection of their dignity and transportation etc. exists
  • No discrimination against women in the matter of recruitment, training, transfer or promotions
  • Online one common Registration through a simplified procedure
  • Powers of Government to make rules regarding adequate measures to be taken by the employer for the safety and health of workers
  • Clean and safe drinking water
  • Lavatory, creche, first aid and canteen by group of establishments, in case, it is not possible due to constraint in space or otherwise by individual establishment
  • Five paid festival holidays in addition to national holidays etc
  • Exemption of highly skilled workers (for example workers employed in IT, Biotechnology and R&D division) from daily working hours of 9 hours and weekly working hours of 48 hours subject to maximum 125 over-time hours in a quarter



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