Compliance – How Confident Do You Feel?


Posted by on August 29, 2017

Let me ask to simple Question: Is Your Company Compliant with all applicable laws?

If the answer to that is anything other than Yes then you must ponder whether the risk of non-compliance can easily be managed. There are two ways to manage these risks. First is the right way by making sure that you have systems in place to track it. The other way is to manage the risk and face the consequence as and when it may arise.

Adopting the Right Way: Why Track using System?

It is Mandatory: Section 134 of Companies Act State that it is Directors’ responsibility to devise proper systems to ensure compliance with the provision of all applicable laws.

It is Simple: Keeping a tab on all the provisions of the laws across all the locations becomes simple with a system like CompliCheck where a single click on Dashboard gives a clear picture of overall Compliance

Reduces Uncertainty & Manages Risks: Knowing in advance the gaps in Compliance makes it easier to find solution. You know your exposure and can manage the risk better.

To know more about how CompliCheck can help manage your compliance better please contact us.

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