Cash Starved? Save that 2000 Rupee Note

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Cash was once most preferred mode of payment in India. Be it a large real estate transaction or small tea stall vendor, everyone preferred cash. With demonetization over 86% of

Labour Reforms

Labour Reforms – Key Demands of the Trade Unions

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One of the major hurdles facing labour reforms initiative is the resistance from the trade unions. Here are the list of their demands: Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation


The History of Labour Laws in India

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The History of Labour Laws in India dates back to Pre-Independence British Era as these Labour and Industrial Laws were enacted by British Administration to protect interests of British Employers

The Factories Act, 1948

Factories Act Simplified

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The main objective of Factories Act is to ensure proper safety measures are in place, to promote the health and welfare of the workers in a factory, and to prevent


History of Labour Laws

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Labour Laws are drafted to handle the demands of workers for better working condition, the right to organize and the demands of employers to restrict the powers of workers and


Compliance – Quick Facts

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A company at an average ends up paying minimum 1 fine in the name of non-compliance every 2 years per establishment. Most of these fines could have been avoided simply

Corruption due to lack of clarity on the compliances

Fight Corruption by Staying Compliant

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There are numerous instances where the local authorities bully companies in the name of inspections. They are able to coerce businesses into giving them money or favors. In one such

Labour Reforms

Labour Law Reforms – What Every CEO Must Know

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After GST rollout, Labour reforms is the next big initiative that the Government of India is planning to adopt. Labour laws in its current state are not business friendly. Once


Professional Tax Compliances

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Professional tax is the tax levied by the state governments of India. Anyone earning salary or anyone practicing various professions are required to pay professional tax. Several states in India

Sexual Harassment at work

Sexual Harassment At Work

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act got President’s assent and came into force from 9th December 2013. This superseded the Vishakha Guidelines introduced by Supreme Court of India. It