Non Compliance is Like Driving without Insurance

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Staying Compliant helps companies avoid risks like Imprisonment of Directors Heavy Fines Loss of Business Reputation Cancellation of Licenses/Registration High Litigation Costs It is better for companies to understand the


Modi Stun Gun: Next Bullet After Demonetization?

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The aggression with which PM Modi announced and then implemented Demonetization stunned the entire nation. In spite of facing opposition and implementation challenges, he decided to power through and innovate to


Brace for Modi Storm in 2017 – GST & Labour Reforms

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Beginning of 2017 the last major leg of assembly elections will be over. There are two possible outcomes and in either case brace for major reforms. A win in this


Shop And Establishment Act Simplified

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The Shop and Establishment Act is a state Legislation under which each state has to frame its own rules. The main objective of this Act is to cover working hours


Demonetization Impact – Companies Taking Compliance More Seriously

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Before the decision to demonetize the currency, Government of India gave ample opportunities to the individuals to come clean and declare their assets. GOI also gave amnesty and legal provisions

Corruption due to lack of clarity on the compliances

Fight Corruption by Staying Compliant

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There are numerous instances where the local authorities bully companies in the name of inspections. They are able to coerce businesses into giving them money or favors. In one such

Consequences and risks of non compliance

Categories of Statutory Compliance Activities

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There are numerous compliances under several legislations that companies are required to comply. Some of these compliances are critical and some are not so critical. Here is a quick overview

Labour Reforms

Labour Law Reforms – What Every CEO Must Know

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After GST rollout, Labour reforms is the next big initiative that the Government of India is planning to adopt. Labour laws in its current state are not business friendly. Once

Sexual Harassment at work

Sexual Harassment At Work

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act got President’s assent and came into force from 9th December 2013. This superseded the Vishakha Guidelines introduced by Supreme Court of India. It


GST Is Coming – Are Corporates Ready?

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India Inc. is anxiously waiting to see how GST roll out is going to impact their businesses. Touted as the boldest reform of Independent India, there are a lot of