Cash Starved? Save that 2000 Rupee Note


Posted by on December 15, 2016

Cash was once most preferred mode of payment in India. Be it a large real estate transaction or small tea stall vendor, everyone preferred cash. With demonetization over 86% of the cash is being suddenly sucked out of the economy and all of sudden the country is cash starved. From a cash intensive country we are transforming into a cashless economy. In such times cash is King as there are several places where only cash works and hence everyone is holding on to cash.

The corporate sector, including the manufacturing, service, IT, BPO & BFSI, are all still reeling into Inspector Raj. Since most companies either do not know or do not care to fully comply, the inspectors have a free hand to rein in to step in. This is what has led to Inspector Raj in our country. Inspector Raj has a step brother corruption which runs and breeds on Cash (this is how the black money was generated in the first place). Demonetization has little or no impact to the corrupt babus who now opening demand bribe in new denomination. With companies already scampering to get cash for their legit needs have to now figure out how to convert their white money into cash to pay up these inspectors.

It is very easy to save this cash. Simply implement a smart compliance software like CompliCheck and track your compliance online. If the inspector comes for inspection take the compliance report from CompliCheck and show the compliance records. Harassing a fully compliant company (or at least the critical compliance) will not be easy and you can keep your cash for the legit reason. This will not only save your cash but you will also be contributing towards making Indian economy cash free and help in fighting corruption and generation of black money.

CompliCheck is India’s Number one compliance software specifically designed and priced for the small and medium size companies. CompliCheck is a compliance software that can help automate & track your compliance including Labour laws, taxation, internal compliance, risks, and GST. You can use the exhaustive compliance repository and the knowledge base to validate and audit your compliance. The built-in reports, dashboard and reports help you monitor and track compliance and identify and mitigate risks. To help companies cope with the additional responsibility, CompliCheck is priced most competitively in the market. Combine our extensive repository, knowledge base, state of art product and competitive prices, you will find CompliCheck irresistible. To know more, simply visit and register for a free trial.


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